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Game Review: Line Rangers

Dodo HackThe line is an application that built for contact people in another way. As a great application, its offer you some services that rarely found in other message-application. The line offered a free call, video call, chat room, cute stickers, line camera and other features. Recently, line offered a games application. Many games that becomes viral and was played by million android users. Nowadays, the most popular one is Line Rangers. Line Rangers is a strategy game in android that needs strategy and great management to finish every single stage in the game.

Tips And Trick For Line Rangers

Being one of the most popular android’s games, line rangers is played by people in many countries. This addictive game was magickly swayed people to play this game. A simple but hard mission in every stage makes many people wandering about. The first one you need to pay out is team composition, you need to make sure that your rangers are suited to the mission. Upgrading also being an important thing to watch out. Upgrading your tower could help the rangers to defend more strictly. Level up character is a must to you if you want to finish the game. The collection is a menu where you can see the rangers that you’ve got in the certain set. The only chance to get new rangers is changing points with friends in Gacha. Treasure is a feature that helps you completed each stage. A good strategy is needed in other to win every stage.

That’s a few tips to play Line Rangers. Besides you need to use power-up and mineral, your rangers affect your fight. Better rangers, better defense, and attack. To get legendary rangers isn’t easy. The easiest one is doing Gacha. But Gacha needed ruby and ruby isn’t easy to get. You need to pay to Line to get the ruby. But don’t worry, you could get a ruby freely by doing a game hack.

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