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What is Spa? – Ubud Spa

ubud spaWhat’s Spa? Spa comes from a small town in Belgium which has many sources of mineral water with Therapeutic efficacy or treatment. The name comes from the abbreviation Spa not Solus per Aqua, as some people suggest. Sources of mineral water in the city are often visited by the kings and nobles, including the Russian Czar Peter the Great and the German Emperor Wilhelm II.

What Are the Benefits of Ubud Spa?

Spa treatment is very beneficial for our body. The first benefit is improving mental health and psychological. Then, it can smoothen and rejuvenate the skin and body. Slim the body by removing excessive body fat. The various treatments can overcome stress and improve the circulation of blood and lymph. Moreover, it can restore the body organ vitality and give fitness and freshness in the body. Nowadays, Spa is not only for the noble people but also for common people. The price of Spa treatment is more affordable.

There is some basis of spas such as hydrotherapy and massage. Hydrotherapy is a treatment using water. The result is to improve the circulation of blood and lymph and demolish toxins in the muscles (lactic acid). It can eliminate cholesterol plaques in blood vessels due to the acceleration of blood flow. It gives physical relaxation in the form of muscle and mental relaxation. Repair the body’s metabolism. In addition, massage is a direct contact between the skin and the skin and very closely related to the feeling between the massager and the customer. The function is to streamline the supply of food to the muscles, tighten the muscles and makes the elastic muscles. It can make the nervous system relax. For blood circulation, it gives food to the muscles, body tissues and nervous system through the blood circulation. Thus, to get all benefits, you must come and visit https://www.jaensspa.com.

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