Why is Sugar Bad?

Health tipsDo you like sugar? Guess almost mostly people love sugar just like little girls and boys. Children will always like sugar in their snacks such as candy, chocolate, and other sweets. They do not think about the sugar is bad for their body or not because they are just kids and the only thing they know is the sugar is tasty. Then, as the adult, do you know that sugar is bad for your body or not? If you know but do not know the reasons yet; therefore, here you are. Why is sugar bad?

The first reason is just like what happen to children; sugar is really addictive for people. It is really highly addictive. The second reason is sugar can cause insulin resistance that will lead you to type II diabetes. So, you know no how dangerous this sugar is. Then third reason is sugar is bad for your teeth. It is just like what happen to children, right? Their teeth are damaged just because of that tasty sweets. Besides, sugar contributes to obesity. If you consume sugar more than you should consume you can gain fat more and more. Then, you know what, sugar can give you cancer. No one wants to get cancer, right?

The next reason of why sugar is bad is it can raise your cholesterol and also gives you heart disease. It is really bad for your body’s health. Then, the last reason why it is bad is sugar can cause non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Thus, do you still love this sugar so much? Everybody knows sugar is so tasty and good for any food or beverages. You can add sugar in your tea, coffee or in your cooking and they will taste so good. However, you should not consume sugar too much. That is all, hope the information is useful.

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