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Permanent Makeup: What Do You Need To Know?


Have you ever wondered why some women look so perfect, even when not wearing makeup? Well, the secret could be permanent makeup. It’s become increasingly popular in recent years, with more people embracing this innovative beauty trend to make their daily lives easier. But before you go ahead and book an appointment, you must understand what permanent makeup is and how it works.

What is it?

Permanent makeup is the application of semi-permanent pigment on the face and body to create an enhanced or improved look. It can be used for a variety of cosmetic purposes, such as:

  • Enhancing eyebrows
  • Defining lips
  • Changing eye color
  • Creating a new hairline
  • Enhancing facial features

How is it done?

The procedure involves using a fine needle to implant color into the skin, which stays in place permanently. It means there’s no longer any need to use makeup products such as eyebrow pencils or lipsticks daily. The pigment used for permanent makeup can last several years before it begins to fade. However, this will depend on skin type, lifestyle, and environment.

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Pros and cons of permanent makeup


Permanent makeup can help you not have to use some types of cosmetics. You don’t need to spend much time drawing and coloring your face, and you don’t have to wash it off. It saves you time!


A hair salon can make your hair look good for up to 3 years. You may need to go back a few times during that time for touch-ups. Permanent makeup will also last a long time, depending on the products’ quality and your lifestyle.


Permanent makeup makes you look more beautiful. For example, it can make your eyebrows look thicker, your lips fuller, and your eyes stand out more. It can also make you look younger by making your features appear more symmetrical and defined.


Permanent makeup is convenient. You don’t have to worry about reapplying your makeup daily or if it has worn off after a few hours. You don’t have to worry about smearing or smudging your makeup while out.

Possible risks

Although permanent makeup is generally considered safe, a few possible risks are associated with the procedure. These can include skin irritation and infection, scarring, and allergic reactions to the pigment used. Therefore, discussing any possible risks with your technician before the procedure is important.

Overall, it is important to consider all of the pros and cons before deciding if permanent makeup is right for you. Ensure you find a qualified technician who understands the process and can provide quality results. Finally, remember that it’s always best to do your research to make an informed decision.