About Hill Collection Blog

Founded in 2014 by Bernice King, Hill Collection Blog is a shopping and lifestyle website with a candid take on modern parenting. We translate trends into something wearable, get overly excited about cute shoes that are comfortable and walkable, try on the scariest of swimsuits, and maybe write a few odes to well-fitting denim.

Along the way, we try our best to keep it real.

Hill Collection Blog is more than just a website. We’re a growing community of style experimenters and shopping enablers, of personal style seekers, of moms who play (and travel) hard….yet want to look good doing it. We acknowledge that one person’s definition of “cool” may be different than our own, and we celebrate these differences.Hill Collection Blog community is pro-women, pro-nursing, pro-bottle feeding, pro-co-sleeping, pro-sleep schedules. We are Hill Collection Blog, no matter the race, gender, religion, or parenting style. We are Hill Collection Blog even in cases where the path to motherhood was tough, or didn’t happen at all.

In addition to easy, everyday style for moms, we cover the occasional date night style, workwear, guy style, kid everything (books, toys, clothes), family-friendly home design, and travel….with a lighthearted dose of reality (and breast cancer – Shana is a survivor) thrown in.

But it’s the WE, the whole family and community, who get us through this crazy thing called life.

So get comfy, stay a while, and join the discussion. Because if you’ve found something chic and comfy? Hill Collection Blog GOLD.

And if you just want to share some mama-love and support with others?

Well, that’s…EVERYTHING. Xo


Hill Collection Blog may use affiliate marketing links and receive a commission based upon sales made from them. This type of revenue helps to keep our website running without passing the cost onto our readers. As always, all opinions and product choices are our own. Thank you!

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