Our Story

Hill Collection Blog connects with women in every aspect of their lives, including — and beyond — motherhood.

Hill Collection Blog reaches millions of women celebrating and supporting every mother’s journey — married moms, single moms, working moms, SAHMoms, LGBTQ+ moms, pregnant women, those who are trying to conceive, and more. We focus on the strength that it takes to overcome countless challenges because we are never “just” moms.

Our team reflects the diversity of our voice, emphasis on inclusion, and willingness to be bold. We tell it like it is; no sugarcoating, no bullsh*t. We embrace imperfection, and speak the truth, even when it’s uncomfortable.

Welcome To Hill Collection Blog

We are an inspiring workplace that unites people from all backgrounds with different life experiences. At Hill Collection Blog, you will have the opportunity to work with experts in journalism, design, engineering, marketing, and much, much more.

Our people are curious and creative and share a passion for innovation. We pride ourselves on a culture that cultivates different perspectives and champions diversity and inclusivity.


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