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How To Color The Lower Eyelashes: 5 Tips


Are you looking for the perfect way to make your eyes stand out? Coloring your lower lashes is a fantastic way to add a subtle yet stunning shine and drama to your look. Whether trying to create an updo or just giving yourself some daily glamor, adding color to the lower lash line can be easier! In this blog post, we’ll provide five easy tips on how you can colorize your lower lashes in no time. So grab your favorite eyeliner or eyeshadow palette and get ready for gorgeous lashes that will have you standing out from the crowd.

Waterproof mascara

It is not a good idea to put mascara on your lower eyelashes. It can make your face look tired and messy. Use waterproof mascara instead. That way, the oil from the concealer you use in the morning won’t mix with it and leave marks under your eyes. Put some clear powder under your eyes to keep your makeup looking good.

Various application methods

The way you apply mascara can change your makeup look. You can use it on the lower eyelashes too. If you paint them from top to bottom, like stretching, you will get a “doll” look. But if you put it diagonally from the inner corner to the outer corner, it will give a “cat eye” look.

Brown shade

Use brown mascara instead of black to make your lower lashes look natural. Brown looks softer and not as fake compared to black. It also makes the upper and lower lashes look more like they match. You can also use eyeliner in shades like gray, purple, and blue.

Mascara only on the roots

Another way out for those who want to achieve a natural result is to apply mascara only to the roots of the lower lashes. If you also paint the tips, then. As a result, the cilia can become unnaturally long. By the way, to highlight the eye contour simultaneously, lightly press the brush from the mascara to the roots of the eyelashes when applying.

Special brush

Since the lower lashes are short, thin, and generally very delicate, a large brush from regular mascara will be too massive for them. Furthermore, if you do not use it with special care, you will probably stain the skin of the lower eyelid. Therefore, a separate mascara for the lower eyelashes is produced with a very small brush. Also, makeup artists recommend applying mascara to the lower eyelashes with a small fan brush. It will help to separate the hairs better.

Now you know how to color your lower lashes perfectly. So go ahead and try it, experiment with various techniques, and find out what works best for you! With these five tips, you’re sure to be able to create stunning looks that will make your eyes pop.